Friday, April 10, 2020

Last Minute Easter Grabs, Curb-Side

Hey, guys! I was over on my Instagram page and was explaining how I do curb-side pick-ups at Michaels and Target and thought I would share some of my favorite finds from each store for Easter! I will share some fun things to go in baskets and to entertain the kiddos! I hope this is helpful!


1. Bunny Ferris Wheel Kit $3.99 This is such a cute little kit to put in a basket and keep the kiddos busy in the days afterward!

2. Veggie Stand Craft Kit $3.99 Another cute kit to entertain your littles for craft time while we are all at home!

3. Tiny Easter Bracelets $2.79 I picked these up for Baylee Boo and I can't wait to see her rock them!

4. Easter Earrings $2.79 These would be so cute for the older girls or if your littles have their ears pierced!

5. Letter Tracing Activity Kit $3.99 Perfect for the littles who are getting to know their letters at home!

6. Telling Time Activity Kit $3.99 Again, a cool activity that is educational!

7. Kinetic Sand $14.99 I picked up one for each of my kids for their baskets. They're full price but anything full price you buy online, you get 20% off on!

8. Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Books $11.49 This is a life saver for me and my little artist. It truly is mess free which is great since my two year old likes to paint her body more than her paper.

9. Color Wonder Mess Free Marker Set $7.79 Trust me when I say that you need extra markers!

10. Ja-Ru Dino World Egg $1.99 It will be entertaining for a few minutes during hatching and hopefully bring some joy to your Dino-lover for the day!


For Her

YesTo Grapefruit Bubbling Sheet Mask $3.99 This is the perfect time for self care and such a fun thing to toss in a basket for the last in your life! Plus, all of the sheet masks are buy 3 get 1 free!

Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Mask $25 This is pricey but I also know for a fact that this works and it is the best time to be doing it since we have no where to be!

Has Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner $1.79 Another Self-Care item that is apart of the sale with a bonus coupon for 25% off with your Target Circle app. I have never personally used this but it has the highest ratings with the most reviews for hair masks!

Burt's Bees Hydrating Sheet Mask $3.99 I picked up this wonderful watermelon sheet mask last week and I loved it! The smell was more realistic and less artificial than most watermelon products. I would definitely buy again!

Kristen Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo $14 I bought this a few months ago after coming highly recommended from a friend and I will never go back. It is the best dry shampoo that leaves no residue, or cast. It has an amazing smell and the price is unbeatable. There is also a brunette version if you have a bit darker hair than me. Any lady in your life would love this and thank you later!

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lip $7.99 This brand and formula has been the only one I have been wearing since last fall. This specific color, Lover, has been my go-to since January. If you want an amazing color for fall, you want Globetrotter. The best red you will ever find is Pioneer!

Hearth & Hand Candle $12.99 It's safe to say that a vast majority of women love candles. I'm willing to bet that those same women are pretty big fans of this brand and this family that won over the nation's hearts with their decor, personality, and love for each other and their own family. I'm passionate about Chip and Jo, okay?!

Hearth & Hand Coaster Set $12.99 This blue stone is gorgeous and such a cool gift that is both practical and decorative!

Wild Fable JUMPSUIT OF DREAMS!! $23 This has been around for a few years and I always recommend it to everyone, no matter size or shape, each time they bring it out! You will not regret it!

Wild Fable Crop Top $5 I never wear these on their own but they are my favorite to wear with overalls and high-waisted skirts

Olly Glowing Skin Nutrution $12.49 I have bought three bottles of these and I can honestly say that I notice such a difference! 


Sidewalk chalk $7.50 Join in on the art sweeping across the states to show some love and kindness to those walking by. Or, just let your kids go crazy and have some time to your self. Either, or. 

Minnidip Pool $42 This comes in a few different patterns but this is the exact one I picked for my backyard and the whole family LOVES it! The warm weather is on it's way and this is perfect for an afternoon of fun!

Hearth & Hand 7 Pc Toy Cookware Set $24.99 This would be the cutest little set for kiddos, whether they have a kitchen or not! 

Kids' Sunglasses $5.99 I found this pair for my son and this cute heart pair for my daughter and I think this is the perfect time to put some summer necessities in their baskets!

2 Pack Plastic Spill-Proof Cups $16.99 My kids love having their own cups and I love them not spilling. We have tried a few sets and this on looks so cute and has such great reviews!

Easter books are great all year and here are three of our favorites, which happen to be on a great sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free Little Blue Truck Springtime, You're My Little Honey Bunny, The Story of Easter

Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set $17.99 I don't know about you, but I have two littles that follow and mock everything I do! Why not have them help, or at least practice, one of the main activities keeping me busy during quarantine?!


Hanes Premium Men's Underwear $20.99 These keep your guy cool and happen to be my guy's favorite underwear I've ever bought him. He refuses to say anything about needing replacements so I always take advantage of holidays!

Bunny Bait Packs $5.99 I love getting themed or seasonal snacks to pack in my husbands lunch. I don't know why, but it makes me happy that he has something fun. They are, after all, our biggest kids. (not pictured)

Beef Jerky $9.59 This is another example of something that is a bit pricier so my husband never asks for it, even though I know he loves it. The holidays are a great excuse to give hime a treat. He actually even said he prefers the market pantry pack over name brand because it has more in it for less. (not pictured)

Men's Graphic Tee $8 Again, my husband will never ask for clothing and wear shirts until they literally fall apart. So while he is distracted by this cool summer camping tee, I'll be busy in the closet throwing away everything with holes!

 My military man has to shave every single day so I want to get something that will help him out with softness and irritation post-shave and also get him the tools he needs for the softest, closest shave. These have a great price point and excellent reviews!

Goodfellow Wallet $18.99 My guy s in desperate need of a new one and I love that this one is more compact because he carries in his front pocket. 

Video game or computer game of their choice! I pictured one that looked cool but I honestly have no idea if it's relevant or something he would play. I don't always love him playing video games but I do encourage him to decompress and this is his favorite way of doing it with friends and family that are far. 

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