Monday, January 20, 2020

Curled Hair Tutorial

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

This post is a long time coming considering the IGTV video has been sitting in the queue for the last two weeks. I have been trying to find the time to sit and write all of this and link everything. Just waiting on that 10K swipe up capability. *Insert major eye roll.

Some of the things that I listed are more affordable options to products that I used in the actual video. I hope you enjoy both and if you buy anything from the links, I truly appreciate it!

Hot Tools Tapered Wand- I have had many hair wands and this one has held up the most so far and has a friendly price point than most. 

Alligator Clips- I was gifted a set from hot tools that are much more expensive and way less cute than these pastel cuties!

Wet Brush Pro- This is a bit of an investment for a brush BUT it offers the same detangling benefits as the original Wet Brush without the disgusting lint issues. ENJOY!

Heat Protectant- this isn't the exact one I used because #1 the one I used was super expensive and #2 they don't make it anymore. This is the best seller from amazon and an amazing price point!

Olaplex No 3- Again, another investment. This is hands-down my favorite hair product find of all 2019 and maybe even of all time.  It has made such a difference in my hair, especially since I started dying it. One of my biggest fears about going down the color-changing path was damage. I know it is a bit expensive but if you have the money, it is beyond worth it. 

Redken Blondage Shampoo- When I filmed this video I was at the end of my blonde days but this shampoo is what kept me there. This was highly recommended by my personal stylist and I loved it!

Monday, December 16, 2019

My Holiday Face

Good morning and happy Monday! I am sitting in the cutest little coffee shop co-working with a sweet friend writing this post. I can't even explain how sitting in a room full of people clicking away on their own computers, all set up with their little work stations, motivates you to get stuff done! I hope you can find some sort of atmosphere to get your gears turning!

For today I am going to share one of the most requested posts on my makeup I have now worn twice for holiday events, and my Let's Go With Layla. These products are tried and true for my base and everyday wear but throwing the classic red lip and glitter crease really jazzes it up for this special time of year.

1. e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer $8- This is the dupe for the Tatcha Silk Primer and it is soo great for those who suffer from enlarged pores, like yours truly. I use this every single day no matter what face I do.

2 Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation $11.99- I have used this foundation for years and it is my holy grail. NO matter how many new ones I try, I always have this in my arsenal. I am dry to normal skin.

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer $9.99- This is another holy grail of mine. I have those really cute, and very permanent, black circles and this completely covers those. I always use this to cancel out any discoloration in my lids for eyeshadow. Make sure you set with powder pretty quick because it tends to crease pretty quickly without it. Once it's set, you're good for the day!

4.Becca Hyrda-Mist Setting Powder $39- I know this is crazy-pricey for powder but I think it is a great powder. It has a cooling effect which really helps with any puffiness you may have under the eyes and it does a great job of keeping that face right where it should be!

5. Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer $15.99- I love this option because it is a.) a more affordable option and b.) it comes in different shades to cater to different skin tones. I am as pale as can be so I use the shade light.

6. Physician's Formula Butter Blush $13.49- The shade Plum Rose is my favorite, but again, more options for your style and tone. PLUS Physician's Formula is BOGO 50% off! You could do the bronzer and blush or two blushes.

7. Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter $9.99- This is THE best highlighter I have found in the drugstore, so far. It offers different colors for different skin tones and it is just BAM! Glowing goddess, instantly. I have gold and rose gold and love them both. Maybelline is Buy 2, Get 1 Free. I highly recommend pairing one of these with two of the lipsticks I'm linking at the end.

8. Benefit Goof Proof Brow $24- This is the best pencil I have found, to date. The tone is just perfect for blondes in shade 1. The name really speaks for itself as well. Goof. Proof!

9. Morphe 9T $12- This is a perfect, everyday palette that will provide you with all the basics for simple looks that can easily be elevated into something more, like today's look! plus, TWELVE DOLL HAIRS!

10. Clinique Pretty Easy Liner $22 This is a brush tip pen and my favorite kind. It is so easy and stays all day with no bleeding.

11. Too Faced Damn Girl Mascara Mini $10- This is on sale and I have been using it for a few weeks and I personally love it. The mini size, in any prestige mascara, is pretty much ALWAYS better than the full-size. It's a conspiracy but I recommend!

12. Stila Glitter Shadow $24- This is pricey but I have used these for so long and fully think it is worth the investment. Even though I used one with a thinner brish, that is no longer made, these do the same thing and are just beautiful.

13. Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink $9.49- If you buy one thing off of this entire post, please let it be one(or two or three) of these lipsticks. It is a liquid lip but it is THE best one on the market. These suckers don't budge or transfer once they set completely. They are also buy two get one free.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Target Sale Fabulous Finds

Hello, and welcome to my very first blog post! What better time of year, and what better subject than Target?! I always thought that my very first post had to be something life-changing or award-winning writing. While I can't wait to actually sit down and pour out some important thoughts and things I have wanted to talk about for a long time, I had so much fun making this post, and I hope it helps you take advantage for the last day of the coupon!

I am going to break this up into categories of kids, women, and men. I suggest taking advantage of the coupon by breaking it up into separate transactions. Happy shopping!


1. Who What Where $39.99 Same dress, different colors. It looks amazing and would be perfect for the holidays! The cool thing is that it is ALSO available in plus sizes $41.99. Thank you to whoever is catching on that styles can be carried in both! You could use one coupon on just that dress!

2. A New Day Rib Knit Dress $12 TWELVE DOLL HAIRS!!! This is perfect for literally anything. Parties, Work, Meetings, Blogger meet-ups, a walk down the street with your dog on a Thursday afternoon. $12! Sold out in a few colors, but all three available are perfect for winter!

3. Wild Fable Satin Overalls $30 I feel like this would be the most comfortable to slip on but look put together! I would wear them just like the model. A dressier top underneath with a cute pair of flats for a party or a long sleeve tee with a cute pair of sneakers for a dressed-down look.

4. A New Day Black Pleated Skirt $27.99 If you know me, you know how much I love a pleated skirt. I have them in several colors and honestly believe that they are a staple in any woman's wardrobe, especially a black one! They are so easy to dress up or down!

5. Sweaters on sale for $20 The one pictured I own and I love the color scheme as well as the material. There are plus size, women, and maternity all on this page!.

6. Holly Print Thermal Jammies I have been lusting after this set of jammies since they put them out weeks ago, and I am so glad I waited because they're now $15 and all of the other prints are now on sale as well!

7. Stars Above Cozy Robe $25 Another great steal, and let's be honest, this robe looks like the most delicious fabric pretty much ever. Like a warm hug!

8. Jean Sale Page $15-$25 I linked the page but pictured the necessities for each wardrobe: a black pair, a light wash, and good colored corduroy, and an excellent distressed pair. STAPLES


1. Goodfellow & Co Crew $10 I know this is a bit steep for a short sleeve, but I am so in love with this coloring and the fact that your guy can wear this with jeans or a pair of dressier pants for church and look smokin' hot either way.

2. Wrangler Straight Fit $15 on sale now just like women there is a whole page, but a lot of them are skinnies, and my husband just can't stand them. These are perfect and a great steal!

3.Goodfellow & Co Short-Sleeve Button-Down $15 for the print I chose that's a pretty good deal. If you are feeling bold, some of the other prints are on clearance! Not bad to grab now and save for warmer weather if you are in a region that has severe cold right now. 

4. Goodfellow & Co Novelty Button Down $15, which is $10 off, and I seriously love every single print and color, but I know my man and he is going to love the thundering gray color.

5. Good Fellow & Co Straight Fit Black Jeans $20, which is a great deal for a black pair of pants which should be a staple in every man's closet!

6. Flannel Button-Down $15 I don't care who you are shopping for, you know a man who needs a new flannel and these ones are perfect. Soft, great colors, and $10 off! Such a great and easy gift.

Little Girls

1. Art Class Overalls $18 I can't even handle the cuteness of this piece or the model. This is a great find to wear the whole year through!

2. Just One You Holiday Bow Dress $19.99 This color and this fabric makes me too happy for words.

3.Osh Kosh Overall Tulle Dress $19.99 This is another piece that is great for the whole year, and that will transition through the seasons. From tights and log sleeves to tanks and bloomers with sandals. 

4. Cat & Jack Plaid Dress $16.99 A Christmas Classic for little girls going back to the beginning of holiday dresses. Great price and too cute!

5. Art Class Leopard Sweater Tulle Dress $19.99 Animal print plus a tutu skirt. I don't think I need any more words. 

6. Cat & Jack Snow Leopard Vest 16.99 This is the most darling vest that is perfect for the Holidays! Both look and functionality to keep your little one warm!

7. Cat & Jack Velvet Dress $15.00 This dress owns a piece of my heart. I bought this dress for my daughter for our Christmas Card photos. It is rich in color and fabric. Total win for the price!

9. Cat & Jack Unicorn Gloves $7.99 UNICORN GLOVES! Unicorn gloves. Yes, they're white. Yes, they're going to get dirty. BUT THEY ARE UNICORN GLOVES!

10. Basic Winter Shirts $5.50 These are great for everyday wear and keeping warm.

Little Boys

1. Cat & Jack Parka $39.99 This is also an additional 10% off on your cartwheel app. I want to move somewhere cold just so my son can wear this. 

2. Art Class Corduroy Button-Down $14.99 I love that this looks like chambray but will have the warmth of corduroy. SO CUTE! 

3. Cat & Jack Joggers $5 These are on sale plus the cutest lounge pants that can transition so easily into an outfit for being out and about!

4. Narwhal Long-Sleeve $5.50 This is a basic but seriously the cutest little graphic. Another winter staple to keep warm, and look cute doing it.

5. Cat & Jack Racoon Knitted Gloves $5.99 These are an additional 10% off in the app and just too cool not to be on my little boy's hands. 

6. Cat & Jack Maroon Joggers $5 on sale as well and go with everything.

7. Cat & Jack Zip Up Fleece $8 on sale, normally $10. Love the tones of the reds, and even paired with the pants would make a cute tracksuit!

8. Cat & Jack Thermal Color Block $5.50 This looks warm and so stylish! I know most aren't into matchy-match outfits, but this with the joggers and zip-up just makes me genuinely happy.

9. Art Class Hoodie 16.99 This fabric looks delish, and I am going to search for it in my size!

10. Osh Kosh Christmas Sweater $19.99 I don't know if there is anything cuter than a little boy wearing an old man sweater. This feels like a Christmas classic!

11. Cat & Jack Straight Leg Denim $10 save $2 now plus the coupon. These are a staple in every wardrobe and are definitely coming home to mama. 

12. Cat & Jack Henley $7 This is a shirt I have bought for my son two seasons in a row, and we are going to make it a third. Cozy enough to wear at home but nice enough to wear to church. 

Thank you so much for reading this. I'm not sure how any of this works yet but I am so excited to dive into deeper come 2020! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Welcome to my blog

My name is Brittney Cocco, and this is The Cocco Channel. This blog has been a long time coming! I have been itching to be able to sit down and share some of my thoughts. There is something so peaceful about hearing these keys click away and envisioning this project finally coming to life. In this very first post, I want to share what you can expect from me on this page, who I am as a person, and what my dreams and goals are. I am so incredibly thankful that you are here and I sure do hope that you stick around. I promise not all posts will be so long!

I'm not going to start with the beginning of me, 1987 to be exact, but rather the beginning of this. I have now been in the social media game for five years. I married a military man in 2011, and it took me from my hometown of Las Vegas across the country to Washington D.C. I was lonely, I was bored, and I missed my mommy. Yes, you read that right, and I am not ashamed to admit it. I was getting seriously interested in the makeup industry and had discovered the world of YouTube. I watched it all from hauls to tutorials and even the goddesses of DIY. I thought- I could do that. It took me a couple of years to get the courage. I uploaded my very first video on June 29th, 2014, and I was hooked! I was amazed at the community I found myself in with women from all over the world. It was surreal to think that there was no other way I would have met these people if not for me sitting in front of this $100 camcorder, talking to a wall.